What age group is this site intended for?
Webkinz Jr. is especially designed for children aged 3–6 years. You can use the Difficulty Levels to customize the site to meet the specific needs of your child!
How does this website benefit my child?
Webkinz Jr. offers fun and educational games that are designed to encourage pre-reading and math skills, stimulate creativity, and build your child's computer skills! Your child will learn and grow while enjoying the experience of caring for their virtual pet!
How do you ensure a safe online experience?
We are very conscious of the need for safety when children are online. The Parent's Area allows you to have complete control over your child's Webkinz Jr. account, and we encourage you to sit with your child while they are online and enjoy the experience together!
How do I know what level my child should play at?
You can change the Difficulty Level from the Parent's Area or by clicking on the "Options" button on the upper screen while your child is playing on the site. You can also refer to the "Finding Activities" section in the Parent's Area to see which activities will help your child work on specific skills! For Members, your child's Progress Report will show you their level of success in each of our school subject areas. If you feel that the activities are getting too easy for your child, you can adjust the Difficulty Level and allow your child to start building new skills. If you are not a Member, sit with your child and watch how they play. If they seem to be frustrated with an activity, move down a level and see if that helps. If something seems very simple for them, give your child a challenge and move them up a level.
How much time should my child spend online?
It is important that children balance time spent online with other activities. The 5 KinzCoin limit can act as a natural end to your child's playtime on Webkinz Jr. We also encourage you to make use of our activity ideas to continue the fun and learning offline!
How do I send my child mail?
You can send one card per day to each child on your account. Just click on your child's name on the Parent's Area main page and then select the "Send Mail" option from the Child Account Menu. Click on one of our fun cards and it will automatically be sent to your child's mailbox!
Where do I find the Progress Report?
Progress Reports are only available to Members. If you are a Member, please go to the Parent's Area main page, click on the child's account you would like to view. Then click on the "Reports" button on the Child's Account Menu. You will be able to choose to view the Activity Report, which shows how often your child is doing activities around the site, or the Progress Report, which shows your child's level of success in the school activities.
Should I sit with my child while they are playing on the website?
Playing on Webkinz Jr. should be a special time between you and your child. We encourage you to sit with your child while they play and participate in their learning. Asking your child questions like "What happens next?" will help to build their language and cognitive skills. Encouraging your child is important throughout the site. Concentrate on what they can do, and offer helpful prompts such as "What color is that?" and "Try counting them" when needed. With your involvement, your child is guaranteed to have a wonderful time!
How can I continue the learning with my child offline?
The learning doesn't have to stop when you end your play session on Webkinz Jr. The monthly Little Acorn Academy newsletter will let you know what the theme of the month will be in the school. The newsletter will include a theme related activity that you can do with your child and a fun fact or joke that you can share with your little one. We also encourage you to keep building on the skills that your child learns on Webkinz Jr. You can ask the same prompting questions about colors, shapes, numbers, and letters in your offline play with your child. Look for tips in your child's progress report and remember — when children are young, every experience is an opportunity for learning!
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